Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Today was one of those days where inspiration strikes. I decided to respect inspiration's right to self-determination and didn't cross the picket line. The result was a not terribly productive day.

I've been thinking a lot about the difficulties of mass production, advertising, and exposure. Making things by hand, like really, seriously no powered tools what-so-ever by hand, sort of limits your potential markets, drastically. For one thing – I can't just kick out a thousand iBox cases or something and throw them at a proper retailer and be like "Sell these had give me my cut". I have to, somehow, connect with each individual iBox enthusiast and convince them that my 50$, hand cut and laced iBox case is better than the 20 dollar one that was knocked together in Singapore. Maybe they want something unique, and the Singapore cases's 500,000 identical cousins are offputting. If that's the case then I have an advantage. But in almost every other case I'm losing out.

Basically, yadda yadda Industrial Revolution. And then you have Neimann Marcus charging like three times my month's rent for a fancy hand-bag that, while nice, is in no way exceptional. Basically what I want to do is 14th century cottage industriousness mixed with 21st century retail exposure and Neimann Marcus pricing. I would also like a unicorn named Billy and a cookie.

Here's what I made today.

It's a carrying... sleeve... thing for a stainless steel waterbottle. It's purpose is to make my stainless steel watter bottle look less like a stainless steel water bottle for the benefit of everyone's medieval experience.
Sewing up the body

Fancy top bit


Action shot - Note belt hanginess

Bling! No such thing as too much bling

This is pretty well going to be the format - Jaw on for a bit about whatever is on my head then post up pictures of whatever is being worked on today. There should also be some videos from time to time.
Hark! A wild blog post appears!